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This server provides specialty services and emergency-only resource links for the Maryville University Library. It is not the library's main web site.

Please visit the Maryville Library Home Page for more information.

Special announcements, including major service outages, may be found at the Library's News and Announcements blog.

Services available on this server include the research subject guides and the periodical search below.

Emergency links during campus network service failures

Always reachable links

These links should always work regardless of any outages on campus or whether you are on-campus or off-campus:
Library Catalog

Unproxied links

On-campus only: If the Maryville web server and proxy server are down
but you are on campus and can still reach the Internet, you can use these links:
EBSCOHost (All databases), LexisNexis Academic, Wilson Databases, Proquest Databases

Proxied links

If the Maryville web site is unavailable, but the campus network and the library
proxy server are working, you can use the following links to access the major databases from
both on-campus and off-campus:
EBSCOHost (All databases), FirstSearch (All databases), CQ Researcher Online, JSTOR
LexisNexis Academic, Campus Research (Westlaw), Newsbank
Wall Street Journal (Proquest), Business and Company Resource Center (Gale), RIA Tax Research, Education Full Text (Wilson)
Proquest Medical Library, Art Full Text (Wilson), Proquest Psychology Journals

Periodicals Search

Use this form ONLY to determine
which years of which periodical titles Maryville owns (print or electronic).

If you are looking for articles on a subject,
use an online database instead

(see a librarian for assistance choosing a database).

Periodical Title Keyword(s):   (abbreviations ok)
    e.g.   j amer psych
Exact Periodical Title:           (no abbreviations)
      e.g.   journal of american psychiatry
ISSN: (use hyphen, e.g. 0000-0000)

Optional :       Year (4 digits, e.g. 2003):


Find a specific article
Include as much information as you can

Periodical Title: (no abbreviations):
Last name of first author:
Article title:
ISSN: (use hyphen, e.g. 0000-0000)
Year (4 digits, e.g. 2003):

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